Expresion de salsa

True to its name Expresión de Salsa is an ambassador to this Latin rhythm known the world as ... Salsa! And strives to bring you the heart of a culture that is more than music or performance and introduces you to its essence, which is passion and joy.

Anchored to its origins which is essentially Cuban, and from where its veritable soul "Son" intertwines with Afros and Rumba rhythms, Expresión de Salsa offers a palette of classes to enable you to experience, understand and relish this music by means of self expression.

Rueda, danced in acircle with a continuous exchange of partners is one of the most popular forms of Salsa practiced by the students, and brings a festive atmosphere and convivial energy to the classes. Also proposed on a regular basis are a variety of training courses to help the students to improve their personal style and technique. Professional dancers such as Yunaisy Farray, Niovis Soto, Leysis Smith, Olidaisy Rizo, Israel Gutierrez, Madeline Rodriguez, Roynet Pérez, Danger Rodriguez, Idlaberto Alcala, Reynold Prieto, Reynaldo Salazar Guillénn, Aliuska Barrientos, Damaris Hechavarria, Alfredo Torres (Cuba), etc. bring with them a wealth of experience and talent to share.

A Cuban passing through Geneva was astonished by the complexity of figures practiced by the dancers here and remarked : "But salsa must be danced with the hearth and not the lungs!". Expresión de Salsa priviliges style, musicality and most of all, expression of emotions. Follow me also on www.le-monde-isnardi.fr

Esteban Isnardi